📝 The April Fool

2023 April 02

Okay, so instead of standing here and making excuses for why I haven't updated this place in months, I am just going to dive into a bunch of stuff! It's LIST TIME!


We're planning to go out to Motosuko in Yamanashi this weekend for more camping! Since the last time I blogged, we went camping in Chigasaki and Sagamihara. It rained on us both times, so we are hoping for clear skies this time.

Next weekend, I volunteered to help with the TELL Japan booth at Tokyo Rainbow Pride. This will be my very first Pride/LGBTQ event. I'm pretty nervous, to be honest!

The weekend after THAT is Tokyo Sandbox, and on the 30th is Konami Indie Games Connect. Since the last time I blogged, we went to Tokyo Indie Games Summit and saw lots of cool Japanese games there too.


Speaking of Japanese games, インディー通信 Indie Tsushin is still going strong! We launched the March issue just a couple of days ago. The first three issues (2022 December, 2023 January, and 2023 February) are all up on itch in the 2023 Winter Collection. We're trying to raise money to pay for guest writers, so please check it out if you can!

Daikon is also preparing to release Nice Disc: The Last Hot Blood on Steam soon. This is his biggest game so far, and we are both really nervous.

I have been trying to fix my sleep schedule, so I've started streaming in the morning to give myself structure and something to look forward to doing in the mornings. I'm currently doing the Daily Runs for Caves of Qud. The archives are up on YouTube if for some reason you want to follow along! I have been slacking off quite a bit these past few weeks though, eep.

Bits and bobs

I deactivated my Neocities profile page because I was having a hard time keeping up with all of the updates on the Activity feed. I much prefer just checking in manually, or subscribing to RSS if it's available. (Speaking of RSS feeds, this site has one if you didn't know!)

I also gave this site a bit of an overhaul! The CSS is a lot gentler on the eyes, and I cleaned up the subpages to be more streamlined. I have some plans for things to add, but who knows if I will have the time or energy to actually get that done. I need to stop posting on cohost so much and remember to blog once in a while...

Okay, I will be back soon with another post, I promise!!